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Java SE Runtime Environment JRE 6 24 Released
SUN MICROSYSTEMS HAS RELEASED updates to both the Java SE development kit and runtime environments.

New features include the G1 garbage collector and there are a raft of performance enhancements and security fixes as well as an update to the way the software deals with international timezone data.

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 Java SE Runtime Environment 6 Update 25

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 Linux x86 - RPM Installer 20.06 MB   jre-6u25-linux-i586-rpm.bin
 Linux x86 - Self Extracting Installer 20.58 MB   jre-6u25-linux-i586.bin
 Linux Intel Itanium - RPM Installer 20.06 MB   jre-6u25-linux-ia64-rpm.bin
 Linux Intel Itanium - Self Extracting Installer 20.58 MB   jre-6u25-linux-ia64.bin
 Linux x64 - RPM Installer 19.62 MB   jre-6u25-linux-x64-rpm.bin
 Linux x64 - Self Extracting Installer 20.20 MB   jre-6u25-linux-x64.bin
 Solaris x86 - Self Extracting Binary 20.22 MB
 Solaris SPARC - Self Extracting Binary 25.05 MB
 Solaris SPARC 64-bit - Self Extracting Binary 11.19 MB
 Solaris x64 - Self Extracting Binary 7.48 MB
 Windows x86 Online 0.85 MB   jre-6u25-windows-i586-iftw.exe
 Windows x86 Offline 15.77 MB   jre-6u25-windows-i586.exe
 Windows Intel Itanium 16.09 MB   jre-6u25-windows-ia64.exe
 Windows x64 16.09 MB   jre-6u25-windows-x64.exe

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