PHP Script: Kirim email pake PHP (the answer)


Nah, gimana? Udah ketemu masalah di script kirim email yang saya posting sebelumnya? Ini jawabannya.

Seperti yang sudah saya sampaikan dalam posting sebelumnya, ini adalah masalah Array PHP. Nah, perhatikan list PHP script untuk mengirimkan email yang sudah diperbaiki ini.

  /****SET THE MAX CHARS FOR EACH MESSAGE***************/
   //it is recommended not to set the max too high, to prevent extremely long messages
   // from stalling your server
   $EMAIL_MAX = 2500;
   $SMS_MAX = 120;

  //function for stripping whitespace and some chars
  function cleanUp($str_to_clean, $newlines, $spaces){
   //build list of whitespace chars to be removed
   $bad_chars = array('\r', '\t', ';');
   //if newlines are false, add that to the list of bad chars
   if(!$newlines){array_push($bad_chars, '\n');}
   //if spaces are false, strip them too
   if(!$spaces){array_push($bad_chars, ' ');}
   $str_to_clean_a = str_replace($bad_chars, '', $str_to_clean);
   $str_to_clean_b = strip_tags($str_to_clean_a);
   return $str_to_clean_b;
  //function to check for valid email address pattern
  function checkEmail($email) {
   if(!eregi("?[_a-z0-9-]+(\.[_a-z0-9-]+)*@[a-z0-9-]+(\.[a-z0-9-]+)*(\.[a-z]{2,3})$", $email)) {return false;}
   return true;
  //function to check for valid url pattern
  function checkURL($url) {
   if(!eregi("?http:\/\/", $url)) {return false;}
   return true;



  $_name = cleanUp($_POST["sender_name"], false, true);

  $_subject = cleanUp($_POST["sender_subject"], false, true);

  $_message = cleanUp($_POST["sender_message"], true, true);

  $_url = cleanUp($_POST["sender_url"], false, false);

  $_body = "You have been sent this message from your contact form\n\n";
   $_body .= "NAME: $_name\n\n";
   $_body .= "EMAIL: $_email\n\n";
   $_body .= "URL: $_url\n\n";
   $_body .= "PHONE: $_phone\n\n";
   //check length of body, reduce to max chars
   if(strlen($_message) > $EMAIL_MAX){$_message= substr($_message, 0, $EMAIL_MAX);}else{$_message = $_message;}
   if(strlen($_message) > $SMS_MAX){$_message2 = substr($_message, 0, $SMS_MAX);}else{$_message2 = $_message;}

  //store the recipient(s)
  $_to = array();

  //now get the recipient(s)
  $_to = array("alamat_email1","alamat_email2");
  //define the subject
  if(!$_subject){$_subject = "E-Mail from your contact form";}

  if(!$_name){$_name = "CONTACT FORM";}
  if(!$_email){$_email = $_name;}
  //set the headers
  $_header = "From: $_name < $_email >" . "\r\n" .
    "Reply-To: ".$_email."\r\n" .
  //we can send up to 2 emails (EMAIL and/or SMS)
  if(count($_to) > 2){ $_to = array_slice($_to,0,2);}
   //get the correct message, based on where it is delivering to
   if(strstr($_to[$i],"")){$_text = $_body.$_message2;}else{$_text = $_body.$_message;}
   //send the email(s)
   mail($_to[$i], $_subject, $_text, $_header);
  echo "";

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